YYC Zombie Walk



Every October the undead walks the streets of Calgary for the annual YYC Zombie Walk. Walkers gathered in downtown Calgary, dressed in full costume and makeup, where they make the treck through the core of the city. As a group that operated only through a Facebook event page, people were naturally gathering to participate in this event; but we believed we could turn this herd of zombies into an apocalyptic swarm.

To attract more people and to grow our swarm, we worked with Zombie Walk organizers for two years, coming up with ways to entice the public. Targeted towards the urban downtown dwellers, we created posters and plastered them all over town. During our time together, the Zombie Walk grew from a couple hundred to 300+ participants, making it one of the largest Zombie Walks since it started.

Anvil – Poster series
Anvil – Photography
Applied Arts – Photography